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Amazing 14 Days Classic Ecuador: Andes, Amazon & Galapagos
Itinerary DescriptionHotel
Day 1: Thu Arrive in Quito. Transfer to your Hotel Nü House
Day 2: Fri Quito - City Tour - Equatorial Monument Nü House
Day 3: Sat Quito - Otavalo Indian Market - Quito Nü House
Day 4: Sun Quito - Papallacta - Amazon Casa del Suizo
Day 5: Mon Amazon Casa del Suizo
Day 6: Tue Amazon - Baños - Alausi La Quinta
Day 7:  Wed Alausi - Train Ride - Ingapirca - Cuenca Santa Lucia
Day 8:  Thu Cuenca - City Tour - Guayaquil Hampton Inn
Day 9: Fri Guayaquil - Galapagos - Tortuga Bay Mainao
Day 10: Sat Galapagos: Sail to Bartolome Island Mainao
Day 11: Sun Galapagos: Charles Darwin Station -Loberia - Bay Tour Mainao
Day 12:  Mon  Galapagos: Sail to Seymour Island Mainao
Day 13: Tue Galapagos: Twins - Baltra - Flight to Quito Nü House
Day 14: Wed Quito - End of Tour / Flight Back Home  
    Price per person: $3,625

Children under 12 eligible for 25% discount.



This year is special and our Classic Ecuador Trip gives you fourteen (14) full days of adventure and fun to experience, with touring dates every other month! Choose from our multiple travel dates the one that best fits your agenda. From the Andes to the Amazon Jungle, back to the Historical Andes and the Majestic Galapagos Islands, this trip has some of the most talked-about destinations in Ecuador. Best part is, Airfare Guayquil - Galapagos - Quito Is Included!

Check our detailed Itinerary for a feel of what you'll experience on an adventure that you won't soon forget!


Day 1: Arrive in Quito

Day 1: Arrive in Quito

Upon arrival to Quito and all entrance formalities are taken care of, we meet with our tour director, head on to the transfer vehicle and proceed to our hotel.
Fun Fact: Ecuador, South America's second smallest country is a vibrant indigenous culture with many natural and cultural wonders.

Overnight Stay


Day 2: Quito - City Tour - Equatorial Monument

Day 2: Quito City Tour - Equatorial Monument [Middle of the World]

Pick up: 09h00

After breakfast we begin to explore Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Quito is surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, yet only 14 miles south of the Equator. The city is known for its magnificent Spanish Colonial architecture and colorful street life. Quaint family owned shops are open air markets are steps away from sky scrapers and Spanish Baroque cathedrals.

We start with a visit to the Guapulo Church with a fantastic view of the valleys. The colonial section of “Old Quito” is a United Nations World Heritage Site. We walk around Independence Square and we see the Presidential Palace and Arch Bishop’s Palace.

We visit La Compania Church with its ornate façade and breathtaking golden altars. We also visit the Church of San Francisco, with priceless examples of Spanish art and sculpture. We see the Impressive Parliament Building were the history of Ecuador is recorded.

We go to the hill of Panecillo which offers spectacular views of the city and the statue of the Virgin of Quito. Time permitting we will visit the artisans market (Mercado De Los Artesanos).

At noon, we continue our tour at the “Equatorial Monument.” Here at 10,000 feet above sea level, one can be in two hemispheres at the same time with one foot in the North and one in the South. We continue to open air Inti-Nan Museum, we balance eggs on the end of our nails, watch water spiral down plug holes in different direction.

Overnight. (Breakfast and Lunch included)

Day 3: Quito - Otavalo Indian Market - Quito

Day 3: Quito - Otavalo Indian Market - Quito

Pick up: 08h00

We’ll take a short drive to the north-east on the Pan-American Highway, We continuing onward to Cayambe, best known for its snowcapped volcano, their countryside dairy farms and plentiful flower plantations.

Soon after we arrive at the Plaza del Poncho in Otavalo. The Otavalo Indians are the most dedicated and prosperous craftsmen and merchants of Ecuador. This “Market” is one of South America’s most important centers of ethno-tourism, featuring a dazzling array of textiles and crafts. At Otavalo, you can also find Ponchos, wooden goods and indigenous jewelry as the perfect gift or keepsake from the city.

After the market, we go to the Cotacachi Cayapas Reserve in where we will see one of the most amazing sceneries of Ecuador at the Cuicocha Lake. We then continue to Cotacachi famous for the leather market one hour to shop.

Return to Quito. (Breakfast and Lunch Included)

Day 4: Quito - Papallacta - Amazon

Day 4: Quito - Papallacta - Amazon

Pick up: 08h30

This morning after breakfast, we leave Quito, and follow a scenic stretch of road which takes us out of the majestic “Andes Highlands” and down into the jungle.

We pass through, Papallacta, The most elevated spot on the road (4000 mts. asl). We continue farther until we reach the Thermas of Papallacta. These Thermas are the most attractively developed set of hot springs in Ecuador. The hot volcanic water is channeled into three pools large enough for swimming, three smaller shallow pools and two tiny family-size pools. There is also access to the river. Then we drive to Baeza, Tena, and arrive at the Lodge in the afternoon.

After the nice drive we can relax for a while in our beautiful spacious bungalow built in a rustic native design surrounded by gardens full of amazing jungle plants and flowers. A delicious dinner will be served in a romantic candlelight-setting at the attractively decorated restaurant.

Afterwards we will enjoy a special welcome drink, to coordinate and discuss next day’s activities with the local crew. We’ll feel absolutely comfortable in this lovely peaceful setting filled with nightly sights and sounds of the Amazon jungle. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

Day 5: Amazon - All Day

Day 5: Amazon Jungle Day

Pick up: 08h00

After breakfast the group will board a dugout canoe, and navigate 20 minutes down the waters of the scenic Napo River. The destination is Cosano where during an approximately two hour walk through primary rainforest visitors will have the opportunity to see actual hunting traps which were traditionally used by the local natives in the past.

The guides will demonstrate how they work and explain which type of animals was caught in each one. And of course, at all times we will be on the lookout for tropical birds, and point out important aspects of the surrounding vegetation.

Just across the river from La Casa del Suizo is Amazoonico, a rescue center for wounded and displaced tropical rainforest animals. Here it is possible to see coatis, tapirs, and several species of monkey, snakes, and a variety of birds, many of which wander around freely.

Overnight. (Breakfast, Lunch and dinner Included)

Day 6: Amazon - Banos - Riobamba

Day 6: Amazon - Baños - Riobamba / Alausi

Pick up: 09h00

After breakfast, we travel to the heights of the Central Valley and the resort town of Baños, well known for its thermal baths. This Baños mean “baths of sacred water”, which is precisely what the town is famous for: Some of them are fed by thermal springs from the base of the active Volcano Tungurahua, which means: "little hell” in Quichua. We visit the balsawood birds carving workshop, the tagua (ivory nut) jewelry stores.

Later we continue our trip to Agoyan and Devils cauldron, (amazing waterfalls). We will take the taravita (Air cable) to see the majestic Manto de la Novia waterfall.

We continue to The Chimborazo volcano, the highest mountain in Ecuador. Chimborazo Volcano is extraordinary for many reasons. It is the highest point in Ecuador’s Andes Mountains. Although it is not the tallest mountain in the world, it is considered to be the farthest point on the surface of the Earth from the center.

Then we continue to the small Andean city of Alausi, where the Trains station is located.

Overnight. (Breakfast and Lunch Included).

Day 7: Riobamba - Train - Ingapirca - Cuenca

Day 7: Riobamba - Train Ride - Ingapirca Ruins - Cuenca

Pick up: 07h00

This morning after breakfast, we continue on for a spectacular scenic train ride through the Devil’s Nose, a true feat of railway engineering. This is a spectacular train ride, gradually descending from the highlands to the lowlands, at times zigzagging, or hugging the cliffs.

The train to La Nariz del Diablo, then winds southward across Andean highlands to the town of Aluasí and then beyond to the precipitous rock face at the edge of the Andes known as the Devil’s Nose. The train descends and then returns to Aluasí again.

We continue to the biggest Incan archeological site in Ecuador, Ingaprica. This citadel was built in the 15th century on the Inca Trail that connects Quito to Cusco. The ruins include, courtyards, terraces, temples, houses, and a “castle” possibly a “Temple of the Sun.”

We continue to Cuenca, the most beautiful colonial city in South America. Today Cuenca is “A World Cultural Heritage Site.”

Overnight. (Breakfast and Lunch included)

Day 8: Cuenca - City Tour - Guayaquil

Day 8: Cuenca City Tour - Guayaquil

Pick up: 09h00

This morning after our breakfast, we enjoy a city tour of Cuenca a quaint colonial city. Cuenca is well known for its handicrafts including pottery, embroidery, filigree jewels, and the world famous Panama Hats.

We see the Main Square, New Cathedral, and the colorful Flower Market on Plaza del Carmen. On Plaza of San Sebastian, we see a very colorful artisans market. We also see the Court of Justice, the Municipal Palace, the Governor’s Palace, and the Church El Sagrario.

We continue to the economical capital of Ecuador, Guayaquil. Ecuador’s largest city and main sea port of the country. During a panoramic city tour, we see the old district “La Penas” the Botanical Garden, the cathedral and the only place in the world that has Land Iguanas living downtown.

Overnight. (Breakfast and Lunch Included)

Day 9: Guayaquil - Flight - Galapagos - Tortuga Bay

Day 9: Guayaquil - Flight to Galapagos - Baltra Island - Tortuga Bay

Pick up: 06h00

After breakfast, transfer to the airport in order to take our flight to the Enchanted Galapagos Islands. Our flight departs from Guayaquil at 09h00 and arrives in Baltra Island at 09h50 (Flight times may vary). Once at the airport, approach to the counter of Regimen Especial del Gobierno de Galápagos. Present our passport and flight ticket, there we have to pay USD 20,- per person in cash for your transit control card. We will receive our migration card and a formulary, which we have to fill out while our flight to islands. The next step is to approach to SICGAL counter, here; the authorities will check our luggage. Be aware that we are not allowed to take, seeds, animals, plants, fruits with you. Finally go to your airline counter to get your boarding pass.

Upon arrival on the Galapagos Islands, one more time we have to cross through migration, and pay USD 100, - in cash, as entrance fee to the Galapagos National Park. No credit cards are accepted and at the airport in Galapagos are no ATM´s. Our luggage will be checked once again, in order to avoid the entrance of not allowed items to the islands. Please keep all the documents, since these will be again requested at the moment we leave the islands. At the arrival hall of the airport, one of our representatives will be waiting for you and transfer you to the hotel.

After lunch we will take an excursion to one of the most beautiful beaches in Galapagos: Tortuga bay. A 30 minute walk on a marked path (approx. 2 miles or 2.5km) west from Puerto Ayora. On this route we will have a chance to connect to nature. Tortuga Bay gets its name from the Sea Turtles that come here to lay their eggs. This island features white sand beaches, Pelicans and marine iguanas, as well as plenty of other flying species, perfect for bird-watcher.

Return to the hotel. Overnight. (Breakfast and Lunch Included)

Day 10: Galapagos: Sail to Bartolome Island

Day 10: Galapagos: Sail to Bartolome Island

Pick up: 06h00

We will be transferred to the Itabaca channel. Here we will take the yacht that will embark on the first leg of your journey. Breakfast is included and will be served on the boat.

Bartolome Island has some of the most beautiful landscapes throughout the archipelago. The most famous rock formation here is the Pinnacle Rock, which resembles an obelisk raised to the edge of the ocean. Upon arrival, we are presented with a wood stairway climb of 600 meters in length, so we suggest wearing comfortable shoes. Once we reach the Summit (about 30 to 40 minutes), we are rewarded with a spectacular view of the landscape with two beautiful bays.

The fascinating formations of lava and volcanic cones give this area an out-of-this-world aura, and will make you feel as if you were walking on the moon.

Bartolome Island is the perfect place to observe the Galapagos penguins swimming in these tropical waters. On the south part of the island you can also find marine turtles, stingrays and Galapagos sharks, among other unique marine species.

Relax in the afternoon with 45 minutes of snorkeling at Sullivan Bay. (Breakfast and Lunch Included)

Day 11: Galapagos: Charles Darwin Station - Bay Tour

Day 11: Galapagos: Charles Darwin Station - Bay Tour

Pick up: 08h30

This morning after breakfast, we visit Charles Darwin Station. Scientist and park rangers make a huge effort to preserve this Unesco World Heritage Site. The unique flora and fauna of these islands helped Darwin to formulate his theory of Evolution. The research center is also a tortoise breading and rearing center, where tortoise are prepared to reenter their national habitat.

After lunch, we depart from Puerto Ayora to take a panoramic visit of the “La Loberia” named after the big sea wolf colony living on this island. Here we can snorkel or play with friendly sea wolves, observe colorful fish and sea turtle. When visiting the “Love Channel” we see white sharks. We take a walk to the port of “Punta Estrada” to see sea iguanas at the Playa De Los Perros. (Breakfast and Lunch Included)

Day 12: Galapagos: Sail to North Seymour Island

Day 12: Galapagos: Sail to North Seymour Island

Pick up: 07h50

Pick up time between 07h50 - 08h00 and transfer to Itabaca Channel, where will get on board of a yacht, to start with 1 hour sail, to reach Seymour Island. North Seymour Island is a spectacular place to hike, and enjoy the scenery.

On this island you can find unique plants such as: incense tree, cactus, sesuvium, escalecias; and animals like: blue-footed boobies, gulls sitting on the edges of the cliffs and frigates birds in their nests, during certain seasons you can see land iguanas. On the other side of the island, and while the waves crash against the rocks, you can appreciate also the mischievous sea lions playing and surfing in the sea.

There is a circular path for visitors approximately, 2km long that crosses the interior of the island and leads to explore the rocky coast. This trail takes you through some of the largest colonies of sea birds of the Galapagos Islands.

During this trip you will have the opportunity to see the nesting sites of the fascinating blue-footed bobbies and colorful frigates.

After lunch, you can snorkel, swim or take a sunbath for around 45 minutes on las Bachas Beach or Mosquera Islet. (This visit depends on the sail day). (Breakfast and Lunch Included)

Day 13: Puerto Ayora - Baltra Island - Flight - Quito

Day 13: Galapagos: Puerto Ayora - Baltra Island - Flight to Quito

After breakfast we will be transferred to Baltra Island in order to take our flight back to Quito.

Our flights departs at 12h30 and arrive in Quito at 16h30.

Transfer to our hotel. Farewell Dinner.

Overnight. (Breakfast and Dinner Included)

Day 14: End of Tour / Extensions

Day 14: Quito - Flight back home / Continue Extended Tour

After breakfast, you'll be transferred to the airport in order to take your flight back home with at least 3.5 hours prior to your flight departure. If you opted for an extended trip the moment of booking, arrangements will be presented to you by our agency at your hotel or upon first arrival.

We look forward to hearing about your experience during your trip. Don't forget to leave your feedback on our comments section, trip advisor or by email. Your feedback helps us to provide you with better service.


Rates Include:

All Transfers: Airport - Hotel - Airport | Overnight Stay in 4 Star Hotels, double accommodation | Daily Breakfast and Lunch | Quito City Tour & Equatorial Monument. Entrances Included | 3 Days / 2 Nights Amazon Lodge | Excursions into the Jungle | Rubber Boats | Ticket for the Tarabita in Baños | Train Ticket to the Devil's Nose | Entrance to the Castle Ruins of Ingapirca | English Speaking Guide(s) | Private Transportation | Airfare Guayaquil - Galapagos - Quito | 4 Nights accommodation in Puerto Ayora | Tour of Tortuga Bay, Charles Darwin Station and Bay Tour | Sail tour to Bartolome Island | Sail tour to Seymour Island | Snorkeling Equipment (Only in the places assigned to do this activity) | English Naturalist Speaking Guides | Farewell Dinner

Rates do not Include:

Entrance Fee to Galapagos National Park ($100 per person - Payable at Galapagos Airport - Cash Only) | Ingala Transit Card: $20usd per person (Payable at Quito Airport) | Tips | Alcoholic Beverages | Special Services not described above | Meals not described above

Note: Please make sure to have cash on hand for both the Transit Control Card and National Park fees for every member in your travel party. There are no ATMs at the arriving Airport of Galapagos, so please make sure to ask your guide or at your hotel's lobby about an ATM machine if you need one. While this may change without prior notice, presently credit cards are not accepted for the migration fee at the Galapagos Airports.
You will be required to have your passport on hand in order to receive the transit control card to the islands.
Remember: you may not take on the flight any seeds, animals, plants or fruits with you. This is to help protect and preserve the Galapagos ecosystem.
If you have any questions not present here, we encourage you to contact us and we'll gladly assist you.

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